Kevin Stipe

Graphic & UX/UI Designer


With well over two decades of experience in front end web development and graphic design, I am seeking a full-time creative position with a modern firm – an environment that welcomes new perspectives, where I can hone and expand my skill set and collaborate with a team of diverse but like-minded colleagues. 


I am a multifaceted designer. I was first introduced to graphic and web design in the mid ‘90s. In my twenties, I worked as a textile graphic designer, an architectural draftsman, and had a semi-successful professional music career. I have dabbled in all sorts of creative and technical fields over the decades, eventually turning my attention to graphic design, frontend web, and in turn, UX & UI design.


Software Proficiency

Adobe Photoshop
+20 years
Adobe Illustrator
+20 years
Adobe InDesign
7 years
AutoCAD (2D)
+15 years
Axure RP 10
2 years
10 years
+5 years
Adobe After Effects
Microsoft Office
Google Workspace

Code Proficiency

+15 years
+20 years

Additional experience with: JavaScript, jQuery, and XML

How I Work

  • I thrive in a work environment that involves collaborative and creative problem solving. I like to learn all I can about a particular project or process, and come up with fresh ideas.
  • I enjoy working through various stages of creating a software product: concept, initial sketches, UX wireframing, UI design, applying CSS, etc.
  • I gravitate towards clean, minimalistic solutions, but I always enjoy the opportunity to be daring with design.
  • I am extremely detail-oriented.
  • I am skilled at creating and editing image assets - optimized photos, layered transparent PNGs, and pixel-perfect SVG icons.
  • I also love microanimations.
  • As a neurodiverse individual, I find it extremely important to focus on the clarity and comprehensibility of a design.
  • I can learn most design software very quickly, pushing the boundaries of what it can do. I find myself less concerned with software and more concerned with learning the processes and expectations of the team I work with.
  • I am very experienced with vanilla CSS. I think of CSS less like a system of code and more like a set of paintbrushes.
  • Like most designers, I geek out over typography.
  • I am mathematically inclined and have a natural ability to understand spatial geometry. While I don't think of myself as a programmer, I do have an understanding of code logic.

Employment History

ACF Technologies

UX/UI Developer
JAN 2021 - MAY 2023
  • Enhanced and rebuilt internal tools for easier product configuration and improved UI
  • Designed a pilot personalized ticketing system for a multinational banking corporation
  • Prototyped UX for a large UK pet services company
  • Assisted in UX & product design and enhanced UI for company offerings: kiosks, remote customer communication, remote queue management
  • Worked with teams to build appointment booking and e-ticketing systems for organizations, DMVs, government offices, and medical facilities
Configuration Specialist
DEC 2018 - JAN 2021
  • Configured advanced queuing systems for military facilities, government offices, and other large-scale organizations
  • Redesigned frontend UIs for kiosks and digital displays
  • UI design for new product offerings
  • Created marketing materials for sales presentations

Ringfree Communications Inc.

Customer Success Manager
JUL 2018 - DEC 2018
  • Responded to customer requests with friendly, knowledgeable service and support
  • Organized customers’ phone systems and solved technical issues to optimize user experience
Creative Marketing & Web Development
OCT 2017 - JUL 2018
  • Rebuilt website according to existing branding
  • Designed a new set of branding guidelines
  • Designed multiple printed marketing pieces for direct mail campaigns
  • Created graphics and built landing pages for digital marketing campaigns
  • Worked closely with team members to plan marketing campaigns and creative projects

Shamburger Architectural Group

Architectural Draftsman & Creative Marketing
NOV 2016 - OCT 2017, AUG 2001 - NOV 2008
  • Developed technical drawings for high-end residential custom homes
  • Stylized schematic drawings for presentations
  • Created 3D models for renderings and visualization
  • Designed and assembled 32-page marketing booklet

Allison Development Group

Web Developer & Graphic Designer
OCT 2015 - NOV 2016
  • Built custom WordPress themes with attention to typography, clarity, usability, and brand guidelines
  • Organized page layouts for displaying complex data structures
  • Developed varieties of branded print collateral
  • Created graphics for social media campaigns

Peppermint Media

CEO/Co-Owner & Lead Creative
FEB 2014 - OCT 2015
  • Built custom WordPress websites, developed new logos & brand guidelines for small businesses and nonprofits, both regionally and nationally
  • Met with clients to strategize web development and branding projects
  • Managed employees for collaborative projects

Freelance Web & Graphic Design

(Self Employed)
2011 - FEB 2014
  • Worked with marketing firms to create custom branded WordPress themes for small businesses and nonprofits
  • Created logos, posters, and various print media for individuals and businesses
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