Kevin Stipe | Portfolio


Web Design & Development

I recently had the pleasure of working with the team at Wicked Weed Brewing, building and maintaining the website for the first ever AVLFest in Asheville, NC. I created a branded, highly customized site with WordPress & Elementor and provided some supplemental image editing and graphic design.

Coffee Widget


This is a coffee-customization widget I’ve created in Figma. It’s just an initial proof of concept for a much larger idea I’ve been developing for fun.

ACF Technologies

UX/UI/Program Design, Digital & Print Design
2018 - 2023

Unfortunately, I am not allowed to share most of the design work created for ACF Technologies. Much of this work involved redesigning internal tools and interfaces, creating UX templates in Axure, and reverse engineering and recoding existing templates.

I am in the process of creating comparable Figma designs to share.

Ringfree Communications

Branding, Graphic & Print Design
2017 - 2018

For several months, we had a very talented in-house creative team at Ringfree. We took an existing logo, fine tuned it, and built an impactful set of branding & marketing materials around it – business cards, mailers, product sheets, a fun new website, and a marketing book. (Illustration from Derek Cote and photography from Joe Middleton)

selections from the marketing book

Modern Om

Print Design

One of my personal favorite clients to work with, Modern Om had a very solid brand in place from the beginning. I assisted with various print materials (brochures, hangtags) as well as consulting with ideas for future marketing concepts.

Council on Aging of Henderson County

Creative Direction , Graphic & Print Design
2014 - Peppermint Media

We provided Council on Aging with the beginnings of a fresh new brand, working as a team with the help of our talented designer Isaiah Gillis.

Peppermint Media

Creative Direction, Graphic & Print Design
2015 - 2016

Various design examples.

Allison Development Group

Digital & Print Ad Design
2015 - 2016

Digital ads & print media under the design direction of Derek Stipe.